Content You Need: BLOCKS 1.2.7

    Since our last BLOCKS package release, ROLI has introduced two new blocks: the Seaboard Block and the Lightpad M Block. Our latest package release, now available in the Package Manager, includes support for both of these exciting new devices.
    The Seaboard Block brings the keyboard surface of ROLI’s flagship Seaboard hardware to the portable and modular BLOCKS format. In addition to being a unique keyboard, the Seaboard Block is also a handy way to get expressive multitouch X/Y control for your Max patches. An update to the original Lightpad Block, The Lightpad M has a more responsive and satisfying playing surface than its predecessor along with brighter LEDs for a more vivid display.
    You can use blocks.seaboard to turn your Seaboard Block into a soft, expressive multitouch surface for Max
    You can use blocks.seaboard to turn your Seaboard Block into a soft, expressive multitouch surface for Max
    In order to get started with this BLOCKS update, you’ll need to first make sure you are running the most recent version of the BLOCKS firmware using the BLOCKS Dashboard. Even if you don’t own one of these new Blocks, it’s worth updating your setup to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your hardware. After updating the package via the Max Package Manager, be sure to check the BLOCKS Launch patcher for links to the new features.

    by Andrew Benson on
    Jan 23, 2018 5:50 PM

    • Kasper
      Jan 24 2018 | 5:46 pm
      Ok, all fine and great but don't you (those who use the Block Seaboard) have problems with the Seaboard? I bought one, waited quite a long time for it to be available (there is/was a waiting list) only to discover that more often than not it hd stuck notes : no note-off very quickly (ok maybe my playing was not very pianistic but this is not the point). And I could make it happen again and again - playing a bunch of notes after no longer that 5 minutes (probably 30 seconds) I always had some of the notes not sending note-off. I returned the unit, got the money back - it was too long for the given project to wait for another unit ; but I heard/read I was not the only one to have this problem. And no, it was not a max problem, the same was happening with their own software, Equator. So was it a faulty unit, a faulty batch or something, do you have this problem or was I the only one? It still looks promising - on the paper...
    • dave roberts's icon
      dave roberts's icon
      dave roberts
      Jan 24 2018 | 8:43 pm
      I bought a Seaboard Block last summer, played with it for a few days, and since then it's mostly been sitting unused. Perhaps this Max patch will get me back into it.
      The Block is fun and innovative. But the main problem I have is that it's tough to play in tune without looking at the keys. I suppose that can be overcome with practice, but it's frustrating that it's tough to play out of the box.
    • Gregory Taylor's icon
      Gregory Taylor's icon
      Gregory Taylor
      Jan 25 2018 | 5:13 am
      I had the same problem with that banjo thingamabob.