Introduction to note~

    Thomas Resch will be leading one of nine community-driven workshops at Expo '74 in Brooklyn this October. Read on for more information about his workshop and some history of his work.

    Introduction to note~

    At the Electronic Studio/Research Department of the University of Music Basel we have been developing the external object note~ for Max/MSP. The essential concept of note~ is that of a classic MIDI sequencer: recording, editing and playing back control data. It provides a GUI, a scripting interface and feedback for every interaction so its functionality can be extended by common Max/MSP objects. This workshop is an introduction to note~ for Max, explaining its features, how to work with it and expand its functionality and integrate it into the Max environment.
    To participate in this workshop, you will need a laptop (Mac or Windows) with Max/MSP installed.

    A Short Interview with Thomas Resch

    Who are you and what do you do?
    I studied Information Technology at Technical University Berlin and Audio Design at the University of Music Basel. Currently, I am working as a research fellow at University of Music Basel with the main focus on note~ for Max. I also work as a sound engineer for TV-postproduction and classical/pop recordings and I love my band "Sherry Black and the Port Authority" which has never played a concert and released only one album in 4 1/2 years.
    When and why did you start using Max?
    I started using Max in 2002 because my Audiodesign Professor told me to do so. At that time I had really no idea what Max is capable of.
    What technology or person's work intrigues you most right now?
    Since my car ride back from Hamburg to my little home village Schlangenbad last week I'd have to say Bob Dylan.
    What is the most exciting part of attending Expo '74?
    To finally meet some of those Max people who always answered my developer forum questions immediatelly and do all the cool stuff.

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