Max 6 Feature: Packages

    Packages are a convenient means of bundling objects, media, patchers, and resources for distribution.
    A package is just a folder adhering to a prescribed structure and placed in the 'packages' folder. They can be accessed by Max to integrate seamlessly at launch time.

    Max 6 Feature: Packages

    It takes just a few steps in Max 6:

    1. Locate the 'packages' folder inside your Max folder. You may also access it from the 'Max/Packages' in your Documents (Mac) or My Documents (Windows) folder.
    2. Inside the packages folder, you'll find an 'about packages.txt' file. It covers the finer points of packages, including what destinations are supported.
    3. To install a package, simply copy it to your 'packages' folder. To uninstall a package, simply remove it from your 'packages' folder.

    by Cycling '74 on
    Mar 11, 2013 2:45 PM