Max 8.3 Starters

    As you begin to explore the new features of Max 8.3, we'll be sharing simple patcher ideas here made by the Cycling '74 team that demonstrate a starting point for further exploration. You can expect to find everything from generative musical sequencers to sound design sketches. Check back every week as we update this post with new patches, and tune in to our Instagram to see these patches in action.

    1. Clacky

    (4/28/2022) This patch uses MC objects to create a cloud of sample material that goes from rhythmic to tonal.

    2. WhatArp

    (5/4/2022) This patch uses mc.chord~ to generate a chord that is then played as a polyphonic arpeggio using what~ and mc.snowphasor~

    3. TablePan

    (5/12/2022) This patch combines some amplitude modulation using shape~ with audio-rate modulated panning driven by table~.

    4. Crosspatch Drone

    (5/18/2022) The new crosspatch UI object allows for quick experimentation with modular signal routing. In this patcher, several source oscillators modulate a set of different processes to make a drone sound.

    5. Subdiv Fun

    (5/25/2022) The new subdiv~ object has been a favorite around the office. This patch leans on to generate some randomly shifting arpeggios that recall modular synthesis techniques.

    • Apr 28 2022 | 7:06 am
      what does twist~ do here in clacky? it doesn't seem to bend the phasors input when placed this way
    • Apr 28 2022 | 7:09 pm
      @VOJKO V there was a minor patching error that should now be fixed. Should have been "twist~ @curve 0.5"
    • May 14 2022 | 8:10 am
      In example 3 TablePan, I think the table~ objects aren't named so they don't share data with the itable GUI editors?