On The Road: MOXsonic 2020

    Cecelia Suhr, Neil Rolnick, Ralph Lewis/Elizabeth Stimpert (Photographs courtesy of
    Scenes from a festival: Kristian Twombly, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Eric Sheffield, Travis Garrsison, Kennedy Dixon, @Old Barney's, Paul Botelho, Sean Hamilton, Jeff Kaiser/Albert Kim (Photographs courtesy of
    "Surprise Us!" - Anthony Marrasco, Jay Afrisando, Nick Hwang (Photographs courtesy of
    The Terrain of a Concert (Photograph: Gregory Taylor)
    Joe Basile, Brendan Betyn, and Alex Smith (Photographs courtesy of
    Travis Garrison flanked by Front of House ninjas Parker Bata and Brooke Hord (Photographs courtesy of
    Feature extraction with John Ritz (Photographs courtesy of
    Installations by Dave Seidel and Joshua Tomlinson/Daren Kendall (Photographs courtesy of
    The best listening room EVAH (Photographs courtesy of
    Nightlife #1: Benjamin Penwell/Izi Austin, Daniel McKemie, and Brian Riordan/Jake Sentgeorge (Photographs courtesy of
    The Choir Boys provided a soundtrack to the experimental film classic "Tusalava" (Photograph: Gregory Taylor)
    Nightlife #2, continued: Eric Mandat, Elliott Lupp/David Bendrick (Photographs courtesy of Gregory Taylor and
    Nightlife #3: Gregory Taylor/Timothy Place, Peter Hulen, Wombat, and the Ball State Electroacoustic Ensemble (Photographs courtesy of
    A short history of the cave, and some spelunkin' (Photographs: Gregory Taylor)

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Mar 17, 2020 7:55 PM

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