Package Arrival: ISF for Jitter

    We’re pleased to announce that VIDVOX 's Interactive Shader Format (ISF) for Jitter is available for download and installation using Max’s Package Manager. ISF is a cross-platform and open format specification for creating video generators, effects and transitions to be used as plug-ins within other host applications.
    To get started, download the free ISF desktop editor app, which contains the standard set of over 300 open source shaders to use with the ISF package. Then, fire up your Package Manager and download the ISF package.
    The ISF package is based around the Jitter object, which renders ISF files to OpenGL textures. In addition to the standard help file and reference materials, the package includes a large number of browsable example files of
    • generators (which create images directly within the object)
    • filters (which apply colorspace changes, blurs, transforms, or masks to a single incoming image stream)
    • transitions (which take two separate input sources and output a mix of them using a progressive parameter value)
    • audio-reactive patches (which convert audio to video streams directly, or after performing FFT-based analysis)
    You'll also find links to supplemental tutorial materials on using ISF shaders in Max, writing your own ISF shaders in the ISF spec, and converting GLSL Shaders to the ISF specification. There's a wealth of amazing new stuff for beginners and seasoned shader-writing users alike. Download it and give it a go —and we'll see you on the other side!