Table Synth by David Zicarelli

    Start 2022 By Sketching Some Sounds

    Table Synth is by no means the most advanced synthesizer ever created, but it could be useful as a starting point for experimenting with the use of tables for waveforms and envelopes. It has a charming vocal-like quality due to the combination of wavetables and a filter with a lot of resonance. Just draw and enjoy.
    -- David Z

    • Jan 28 2022 | 9:04 pm
      nice.. the overdriven filter reminds me of the nord micromodular. and cool to see [table] getting some love in 2022!
    • Jan 30 2022 | 8:17 am
      thanks, i took it, added some MC stuff for a pad synth here, used the tables in 2d.wave~ for bass and karplus-like instruments as well, but swapped out the filter with 'moogsnake'... to make today's jamuary:

      Mendovapor (Jamuary2022)

      here's my version:
      thanks again for the fun patch 🍻