Ten Packages to Try in 2022

    What does your 2022 Max to-do list look like? If you're looking to expand your Max repertoire or add a few new tools to your belt, we've gathered 10 of the latest recommended Max Packages that will expand how you use Max in 2022. All of these can be installed by browsing in the Max Package Manager (File->Show Package Manager) and installing from there.
    1. Max Hardware Library - This package focusses on connecting to and communicating with Bluetooth enabled hardware. Could be a great starting place for a wireless performance controller project in combination with an Arduino or similar device with Bluetooth module attached.
    2. by Benjamin D Smith - Explore what machine learning can do for your Max patches with this well-presented toolkit of ML techniques. You’ll want to set aside time to wrap your head around the ideas to get the most from it, but there’s plenty of help files available to get you started if you just want to jump in.
    3. AudioMix by Manuel Poletti - Even if you’ve come to Max to free yourself of tracks and mixing boards, this concise set of ready-to-use components will come in handy when you need to patch together a mini-DAW in your patch.
    4. Cv.jit by Jean-Marc Pelletier - Although you’ve probably heard of cv.jit, or even used it before, the latest version includes a number of improvements from the latest OpenCV libraries and is overall more stable. It’s hard not to come up with new ideas while browsing the examples included.
    5. Sound Design Toolkit - Ready to make some sound effects? This super fun package gives you tools that allow you to mimic real-world physical sounds or invent imaginary machines, alien creatures, or sci-fi environments.
    6. VSynth by Kevin Kripper - Kevin has been providing steady updates to this analog-inspired video synthesis package since its first release. Play around with the amazing library of examples and try your hand at some abstract video.
    7. XY Coordinates Generator Pack - Is it time to liven up your control signals? This package includes a rich set of tools created with Gen to generate a broad variety of spatially animated control signals.
    8. MC Movement Studies - Explore unique ways to use multichannel audio along with procedural JSUI visualizations inspired by Daniel Shiffman’s “The Nature of Code”
    9. Jitter Tools - A small set of tools to extend Jitter. Try out, a full-featured interactive video mapping tool for creating unique projection setups. Also included are polymovie (like polybuffer~ for videos) and (like jit.matrixset for textures).
    10. Upshot - Benjamin Van Esser’s extensive collection of modular music tools includes everything from sequencers and event generators to instruments and audio effects. This package is full of gold for generative music makers.

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    Jan 19, 2022 6:00 PM

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      Mar 01 2022 | 1:30 am
      great list! somebody please port jamoma to apple silicon!