Using Microsoft Kinect with Max

    Within mere weeks of Microsoft releasing their Kinect camera for the XBox, excited developers have been racing to add support for different platforms. Kick-started by a bounty from, the DIY community was very quick to respond with Open Kinect drivers.
    As expected, the Max community has been bitten by the Kinect bug too, and some dedicated members of the forum community have already got a working Jitter object called jit.freenect.grab (currently Mac OS X only).
    To keep up with this object as it develops, watch the forum thread here: link
    For background on why the Kinect is so exciting, Peter Kirn at has assembled a little roundtable of prominent artists and developers weighing in on how this technology will improve their lives: link The Creative Applications Network has also assembled a few examples of interesting work already being done with the Kinect.

    kinect hacking in max/msp/jitter

    We are excited to see the new projects that result from these experiments as things develop. Combined with tools like Jean-Marc Pelletier's cv.jit library and Mathieu Chamagne's Max Multitouch Framework, this technology could offer some amazing opportunities for gestural interaction, live projection mapping, and tons of stuff we can't even imagine.
    Got something cool to show us that you've made with Max? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, or submit a Project.

    by Andrew Benson Lilli Wessling Hart on
    Dec 3, 2010 3:35 AM