Three small reasons to be happy

here is an interesting collection of how something like this looks to someone who's walking quiety around during the setup and takedown, noticing lots of the things we don't get to see...

I've just finished a "birthday book" that might interest you--especially after I tell you what I think it's maybe not about.

Moog Modular V and Max/MSP geek-o-rama

I've spent a little time exploring the new version of the Moog Modular V that I mentioned recently--more specifically, working on ways that I could use it alongside my favorite graphic programming environment.

One of the reasons that virtual synthesis is attractive is that the arrival of the auction/speculator's market such as eBay has effectively put all kinds of interesting things I remember from my childhood beyond the reach of anyone other than the beneficiaries of a Bush tax cut...

I know I am supposed to be writing stuff that derives from my own unparalleled insight and wide experience...

Attn: sea world fans: do NOT read this.

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