Inexpensive steadicams? really?

So, you think that the web is just a bunch of ranting and sixties lampshades over, and over again? Well, cheer up--some kind soul has posted instructions for making your own steadycam using humble hardware store parts. I think we all owe the guy a drink.

Naomi Klein's stock has taken a jump on my personal index today...

20 questions

You been polled yet?

Look! The pictures are dancing!

One might be forgiven for assuming that I was totally uninterested in a single moment of more television after the exciting spectacle of the New York convention, and that I might be drawn instead to a good book, strong drink, or downloadable Zep videos starring fierce kitties...

Loss, sorrow, and the small details

For all the cheerful chatter about objects that fill the world and the pleasures (great and small) that fill our lives, the facts of fragility and transience remain; all the lists we can make and fill and all the bunkers we can build and all the sizzling neural bundles we can muster will put those reliable nonfictions to flight only for a moment...

Truly, we live in a golden age

Please ignore my previous mutterings about why I'd want to horse around with my microwave or the robovacuum--I have proof that Bluetooth is good for something after all!

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