"Step by Step: Adventures in Sequencing with Max/MSP" book has been released

    Dec 04 2018 | 5:12 pm
    Using the Max visual programming language, author Gregory Taylor starts with a tour of a simple step sequencer patch and then builds upon the original patch piece by piece, providing the recipes for over a dozen variations that range from the simple tweak to the profoundly deep whose parts can be recombined to produce even more variations.

    • Dec 06 2018 | 5:58 am
      Will there be any other way to get this book or will i be forced to deal with amazon?
    • Dec 06 2018 | 3:11 pm
      @Mr Banshee - From what I understand, we actually began this project with a different company that was later bought out by Amazon. I don't know if they would have been more flexible than Amazon. We understand there is interest in other platforms and will keep that in mind.
    • Dec 06 2018 | 6:09 pm
      I have just purchased the kindle version, the book is excellent but it appears the link to the tutorial max patches is broken, anyone else having the same problem?
    • Dec 06 2018 | 7:42 pm
      I cannot reproduce the problem here. Are you not getting the download when you type the URL from the book into a browser?
      If so, what are you using for a browser and what machine are you one?
      thanks in advance, Max
    • Dec 07 2018 | 12:57 am
      Gregory sent me a link which works just fine, I have sent him the error message, I am on Mac osx 10.14.1 using chrome. I didn't try typing in the URL manually , the error was received when clicking the link in the kindle app.
    • Dec 07 2018 | 3:34 am
      That's the crucial piece of information we didn't know.
      Were you reading the kindle on via a browser? What kind of device?
      The link he sent you was created by typing in the link listed on the page, I imagine.
    • Dec 07 2018 | 8:53 am
      for clarification I am using the standalone amazon kindle app on a 2018 macbook pro mac osx 10.14.1 to read the book the error was received after clicking the link in the book within the app which then opened an amazon error message within chrome (my default browser)
    • Dec 07 2018 | 10:38 pm
      Just ordered this and really excited to check it out. Thanks Greg!
    • Dec 08 2018 | 2:53 pm
      FWIW, I had the same issue with the Amazon app on a (souped up) 2009 MacBookPro running El Capitan, although I don't think the OS is the culprit - basically, when one clicks the link, only the first line of the link appears in a browser, thus generating an error. I had to type the rest in manually. Really enjoying the book, bought both hard and soft copies. Thanks indeed, Mr. Taylor :)
    • Dec 08 2018 | 3:13 pm
      Just bought the Kindle version. Can't get the Kindle App to run on my PC. Just wasted half an hour in a useless Amazon help chat.
    • Dec 08 2018 | 3:47 pm
      Windows 10. Kindle does not accept the secure code I receive on my mobile phone.
    • Dec 08 2018 | 6:56 pm
      Got it sorted. Link does not work but typing the link works. Thanks a lot for the great book!
    • Dec 08 2018 | 10:21 pm
      It looks like the Kindle conversion inserted a line break. We're looking into it. In the meanwhile, type in the URL. https://s3.amazonaws.com/cycling74-books/StepbyStep_Patches.zip
    • Dec 26 2018 | 11:13 am
      @Lilli Wessling Hart : I'm also interested in having other means to buy a hard copy through a platform which is not Amazon. I absolutly boycott them for obvious ethical and fiscal reasons.
    • Dec 26 2018 | 11:47 am
      Going over the Max tutorials for a second time. Once I'm done, it'll be time to start reading this. Excellent printed version. :thumbsup