[OT] New Digital Media Graduate Program @ YorkU open for applications

    Jan 10 2018 | 6:45 pm
    (Apologies for cross-posting. I thought this would be of interest as there are quite a few Maxers among us in the faculty, and more in the labs.)
    Digital Media @ YorkU Graduate Program open for applications
    Are you a technological artist or an artistic technologist? Are you inspired by art-science looking to expand the creative potentials of current and emerging technologies? We seek talented students from a wide diversity of backgrounds to push the limits of creative computation through an exciting new graduate program that uniquely fuses arts and computer science.
    We are now accepting applications to commence September 2018.
    This innovative two-year practice-based research program personifies the breadth and hybrid nature of digital media today. Led by internationally-active researchers in arts and engineering faculties, the program offers advanced training, specialised hybrid research and collaborative hands-on lab/studio practice.
    This is an intensive graduate education for a world suffused with digital technologies, with a 21st century focus on art-science integration through creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Building upon a well-established Digital Media Honours BA program, the graduate program offers cutting-edge curriculum topics, state-of the-art labs and studios, close mentorship with a high faculty to student ratio and many connections to Toronto’s booming technology market and culture sectors as well as international academic networks and research partnerships.
    A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will be launched in September 2019.
    Students benefit from a high-density environment of research-driven faculty and labs, with close faculty mentoring a hallmark of the program. The faculty are internationally recognized artists, scientists and engineers with a vast range of complementary areas of expertise.
    You will gain hands-on experience within state-of-the-art labs and other facilities, including arts, performance & design studios, motion capture studios, fabrication spaces, perceptual science labs and more, preparing you for advanced specialization in areas such as experimental telepresence, machine learning and artificial intelligence, physical computing, computer vision, virtual reality and 3D user interaction, spatial computing and responsive environments, robotics, generative and parametric modeling, pattern recognition, artificial life and generative art, interactive stage and dramaturgy, visual perception, and many more.
    Research is also supported by faculty affiliations with two Organized Research Units: Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology and the Centre for Vision Research, and other research programs and partnerships including the Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) program and the Living Architecture Systems Group.
    The digital sector increasingly seeks those trained with highly specialized technical, scientific and creative capacities in emerging media to function in dynamic team-based environments. The program is designed to foster this next-generation with sophisticated understanding of computational digital media that conjoins capacity in STEM skills with creativity. Graduates will be capable of working in flexible environments and responding to the changing needs of digital media cultures and industries, as agile technical consultants, innovative engineers, groundbreaking creatives and independent artists. These will integrate critical artistic discourse and scientific inquiry with broad application to creative industries such as immersive gaming, mixed reality, distributed performance, data visualization, live coding, wearable computing and intelligent environments.
    York University is located in Toronto, Canada, the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet. The city is vibrant and full of activity including some of the world's finest restaurants, contemporary bars, clubs, theatre, dance, music, museums, eclectic festivals and sports teams. York benefits from easy transport access across the whole Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including a recently-opened direct subway connection from the heart of campus to Toronto’s downtown. With 150,000 full-time students enrolled in universities throughout the GTA and huge support for innovative technology initiatives, Toronto is one of the largest North American hubs and a fantastic place to live and thrive.
    Students will receive the standard York graduate package and funding through a combination of Research Assistant support from faculty grants and Teaching Assistantships. Collectively the Digital Media program faculty have raised on average over $1,000,000/year in research funding since 2008.
    (Please forward to relevant candidates.)