[sharing] Advanced Pulsar Synthesis

    Nov 06 2018 | 1:10 pm
    Here's a patch which contains several different aspect of advanced pulsar synthesis, as presented in Microsound from Curtis Road.
    Most of the different methods of pulsar masking you'll find are also present in his Pulsar Generator program :
    - Burst masking - Channel masking - Stochastic masking

    • Nov 13 2018 | 4:39 pm
      Wow thanks so much for posting this, stellar work! And a gen implementation too, sweet. Time to dust off my copy of Microsound and dig deeper in to this.
    • Nov 13 2018 | 5:36 pm
      plus one to that, very nice work.
    • Nov 13 2018 | 7:43 pm
      Thanks to you both ! Happy you like it. Could not found implementations of pulsar synthesis with masking in msp so I figured this could interest someone. Gen~ is pretty necessary in this case since the masking patterns need to work at audio rate
      There are many variations you could add : channel masking with for ex with 2 pairs of stereo channel, with one of the pairs leading to specific digital processing and effect such as reverb, implemented of patterns as tables, with the masking counters serving as pointers for the lookup, convolution of pulsar trains with samples...
      One of my dream is to have an msp implementation of Pulsar Generator
      By the way, Curtis Roads is releasing his follow up to Point Line Cloud very soon, the samples for the forthcoming pieces are just incredible, feel so far behind : https://www.curtisroads.net/music/
    • Nov 14 2018 | 4:10 pm
      The patch is really really interesting thanks for posting it! It seems to work for me but the console shows an error - unable to find abstraction vs.gen.smoothing.gendsp. Can you please post that abstraction ?
      Thanks Chris
    • Nov 14 2018 | 5:52 pm
      @chris_dech: can't see that mentioned anywhere in the patch, is there another patch open in the background that requires it? Is that one of the Virtual Sound patches? https://virtual-sound.com/download/virtual-sound-macros-max7/
    • Nov 14 2018 | 5:57 pm
      Interesting patch @.QUASAR but unfortunately way over my head. I am able to adjust some settings and get plenty of sounds out of it. :D Very nice patch.
      I have been meaning to pick up Microsound so maybe it's time. I have "Point Line Cloud" so I'm very excited that he's releasing something new. I can hardly wait to hear it.
    • Nov 14 2018 | 6:27 pm
      Andrew - take a look at the last gen~ object( has the sfplay~ as one of its inputs) it is in there. I checked the virtual sound macros and it is not in there.
    • Nov 14 2018 | 10:12 pm
      @CHRIS_DECH : oh yeah crap I thought everything was in there, below is the gen abstraction ;)
      EDIT : Just realised you were talking about that other thread (I actually managed to include everything in the pulsar patch it seems, hence Andrew's question) : https://cycling74.com/forums/granular-in-gen
      It is indeed not in the original VS macros, this one comes from one of Giri's Amazing Noises instrument.
    • Nov 14 2018 | 10:33 pm
      Thanks for posting that bit, it works perfectly now. It's a great patch!!!
    • Nov 15 2018 | 2:24 pm
      Here's a variation on the Pulsar patch. I took inspiration from Pusar Generator so now most variables are sequenced by their own function generator. The whole sequence can be triggered once or triggered and then looping (cycling). You can adjust and scale the total time of the pattern.
      Tell me if there are missing abstractions, I really tried to make sure everything was included but just in case I'm telling you.
    • Apr 21 2020 | 11:42 am
      Hey. Just come across this - really nice, thanks for sharing!