10.5 Quicktime native HDV input (?)

    Nov 19 2007 | 8:43 pm
    Its come to my attention that within Quicktime 7.2/7.3 on OS X 10.5, that native HDV capture components are supplied with Final Cut Pro 6.0.x
    If I have FCP installed, I can use any QT compatible application to capture native HDV @ 1440x1080.
    I have confirmed that this is the case, and have tried Quartz Composer and Quicktime Player "New Recording". It works, and I have a 1440x1080 input stream from my camera (with significant delay and low framerate, but, its HD!)
    However Jitter *does not* seem to find my HV10 with jit.qt.grab. Yes, yes, I know, 10.5 is not supported and Jitter 2.0 is no where near the horizon, but I thought this was interesting news for all those looking for native HD input, as it seems 10.5 finally allows "public" HDV capture components to be exposed to applications. (Assuming you have the FCP component).
    Am I crazy in 'remembering' that HDV capture did not work from apps besides iMovie, FCP and Avid under 10.4?
    This is new right?
    10.4 would not see HDV cameras as HD inputs , only when in regular DV mode, right?
    Just putting it out there, Thanks!