10 Wii Remotes + lots samples

    Jul 03 2012 | 5:22 pm
    I'm doing a simple school workshop next week, controlling samples with Wii Remotes. I'll have 10 kids at any one time, each with a Wii Remote. I thought I'd give them five samples each and split them into groups (2 threes and a four), and see what they can come up with with the same groups of samples. There will be four groups of 5 samples, three used by all groups and the other used by the fourth person in one group.
    I've got this for the sample player (using Alex Harker Wii external):
    But I'm not sure this is the best (i.e. least CPU intensive) way of doing it? I'm going to have 50 samples, all short but the kids will be triggering them pretty relentlessly I reckon. I can't imagine having a ton of buffers and grooves would be much better...
    As it stands I'll have ten copies of the above patch. Is there a way I can do it so that I don't run the risk of crashing Max?