10bit Midi Controller

    Sep 06 2020 | 11:01 pm
    Anybody have any experience with the Pd Knobs 10-bit MIDI Controller from Sonoclast? It looks like a sweet little high res controller. I just wrote the guy on Reverb to see if was compatible with Max. It seems like it would be. I've been looking for an affordable high res controller for my patches.

    • Sep 07 2020 | 7:18 pm
      Well. I just purchased it. Kevin, from Sonoclast told me: Pd Knobs outputs standard MIDI NRPN messages for control numbers 1300-1312, each with values 0-1023 (10-bit) on MIDI channel 1. I have not tried it with Max/Msp, but I imagine a patch could be made to receive those NRPNs.
      I'll report back once i get it and get a chance to work it into some patches.
    • Sep 08 2020 | 1:08 am
      I'm interested in hearing how it turns out to be. It would be very interesting to see a message log of the knobs being spun at different rates to see if you really get a smooth 10 bit signal. One the issues with cheap controllers is that if you move the control fast you often don't get every message from 0-127. I wonder if this will send every message for 10 bits well.
    • Sep 08 2020 | 2:10 am
      Looks super cool. I could be wrong but I think my Midi Fighter Twister also does the hi-res thing.
    • Sep 08 2020 | 7:05 am
      teensy LC 11 $ pots 1- 2 $ per unit plastic box and USB connector 4$ Hi-Res Midi, Serial, HID
    • Sep 08 2020 | 2:08 pm
      The teensy is the bomb! I love that little board. I've used them for a bunch of things. @source audio, when you built it, did you manage to get high res scanning and enough sensitivity out of it? Would love to see more if you did!
    • Sep 08 2020 | 9:48 pm
      The Teensy looks really cool. I'll have to read up on it. What sort of skills do you need to put something like that together?
    • Sep 08 2020 | 10:57 pm
      The teensy is Arduino compatible, so any books on arduino are good, and there are tons of them! If you're a beginner to electronics, I really like "Arduino Sketches" by James Langbridge. I used that one for project to hook up serial communication to Max and it covers what you need for that sort of stuff really well. Also if you are a total beginner you might find one of the arduino kits from Adafruit the easiest thing to get going on. The teensy is just a killer feature set for the size and price. Very small and can handle tons of multiplexed inputs.
    • Sep 09 2020 | 12:09 am
      If you can use max you can follow the YouTube videos.  I went to harvestworks and took a personal tutorial on it but I already understood most of what I ever needed to know before the hour was half over.
    • Sep 09 2020 | 5:56 am
      I mentioned teensy, as it is easier to set it as HID or USB Midi than most ftdi and co based "normal" arduinos. Even old duemillanove or nano arduino will give 10 bit output via serial. Teensy LC analog inputs 12 bit (4096), bigger models even more, for example teensy 3.2 13 bit, or teensy 3.6 = 25 analog inputs 13 bit.
    • Sep 09 2020 | 4:23 pm
      Cool. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm definitely going to check out some of the tutorials. Looks like a really nice fit with Max.