2 movies (well slideshows) in 1x jit.window

    Jan 09 2018 | 11:37 am
    Hello all,
    I‘m trying to put 2 slideshows, which are running in jit.qt.movies —-> jit.gl.videoplane —->jit.window into one jit.window
    at the moment I have 2x jit.window so they are running in 2 windows. Is it possible to put them in 1 window, one slideshow underneath the other, as I need to somehow record the output of a single jit.window to make it into a movie. At the moment the jit.window seems to resize including resizing the picture from jit.gl.videoplane in it when I drag it.
    also whilst I’m here, I’m using umenu and a counter to go through individual pictures / slides, there are about 100 in total. I’m triggering them quite quickly, but there is a lag and sticky ness when it’s going fast. Is there a way to load the jpgs from the umenu list into ram? Would this potentially solve the issue?
    thanks in advance

    • Jan 13 2018 | 7:23 pm
      have you tried jit.gl.cornerpin object?
    • Jan 15 2018 | 12:44 pm
      Like this:
    • Jan 15 2018 | 12:48 pm
      Re. your second question, something I have done before with images is create a movie from all the images as if they are an image sequence and then just use frame numbers to jump to the image I want.