2d collisions/overlap in 3d world

    Jun 21 2012 | 12:13 pm
    Hi all
    I try to realize a 3D world in which I can detect collisions/overlap between multiple objects on my 2D perspective
    I went through the forum but failed to find information allowing me to move forward
    I search method to realize this and hope to find help
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    • Jun 21 2012 | 3:44 pm
      you want detect collision in 2D only ? it would mean you'll have a projection plane where you'd have to detect collisions right?
      I'd go to a matrix with all x,y,z of each spheres and a jit.gen to process a collision test for each frame.
      This java/processing code is very efficient : http://processing.org/learning/topics/circlecollision.html You can probably inspire yourself from it if you want to make it in a 2D plane only.
    • Jun 21 2012 | 5:53 pm
      hi touk. max 6 has a built in collision detection engine with the jit.phys.* objects.
      check out the jit.phys.world object, and search the forum for some posts on handling collisions, and simulating in 2D.
      if this seems like what you're looking for, post back here with some questions.
    • Jun 22 2012 | 10:51 am
      Thank you for your answers
      I tested solutions with objects * jit.phys without good result
      to be more specific I am looking to reproduce the mechanical detection of video games [child of eden = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8AkXlfsFqw] (maybe I'm on the wrong track according to what I have stated on my last post, what's more I do not have a great technique for opengl)
      this being I'm still looking ...
      I wonder if there is a method to detect the superposition of my objects as visible pixels to the screen to capture the IDs of my objects collide ?