2nd display not working (help!)

    Mar 09 2006 | 5:21 pm
    I'm trying to use my laptop vga output for a second monitor, but I can't get
    it to work. I read the Jitter FAQ, tried the example patch, tried making
    normal windows floating, nothing is working out :-(
    the autodetect_monitor2 patch, leaves me with a black screen on the 2nd
    dragging a floating jit.window (playing a movie) stops the content from
    playing. If I drag a window halfway, only the half on my primary monitor
    keeps playing. Trying this with my opengl patches which use to_texture,
    generates errors about "screengrab on invalid object", and blacks out the
    I can see my mouse and drag other stuff around from my desktop without
    trouble. What's going on?
    dell inspiron 9300, winxp, jit1.5.2, nvidia go6800.

    • Mar 09 2006 | 8:31 pm
      I just found out that s-video is working fine, but I'd much rather use
      the vga output. Is there a real difference in the way jitter handles a 2nd
      vga output from a svideo output? Something I'm missing probably?