37°C is too hot for maxmsp

    Jul 14 2010 | 7:39 pm
    yesterday i have been using maxmsp with a temprature of 37°C in my rooms.
    the first thing i had to discover is that the serial ata discs in my mac G4 have vanished in OSX and do not even appear in disk utility or system profiler. but they still mount and operate in mac os 9 ...
    then i wanted to do something with maxmsp and more mysteries appeared. i am sure that my maxmsp install and OS is 100% ok and unchanged to the day before but several things stopped working.
    the two main issues were the following, expierienced right after booting and opening maxmsp:
    1. i had an abstraction which contains a [metro], which is only turned on and of by user input. it is for controlling data sent to GUI objects, and it is 5 years old and always worked. yesterday it constantly sent out 0,1,0,1, at a hig speed (three instaces of it were causing a stack overflow). normally it should not output anything from alone.
    2. then i started making a patch as follows:
    noise~ | an IR filter based on buffir~ | dac~
    then i connected the FIR to another FIR, which were NOT connected to the dac~.
    but when i sent it frequency input, the sound output from the other filter was changing.
    and no, it is not a buffer naming problem.
    i guess it is just too hot for maxmsp.
    110´stip of the week: red wine & apple juice & vanilla flavour, served on chrushed ice.

    • Jul 16 2010 | 7:42 am
      Have you tried the [airco] external?