3d active stereo patch for DLP

    Dec 28 2013 | 5:12 pm
    I am struggling to create an active stereo patch working for my DLP projector / shutterglasses.
    (I actually wanted to place the compressed patch in here. but it didnt work, nor did attached file work. so here a dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qjmk29ywigrwt7/3d.maxpat.zip)
    This patch has two render-contexts, the first for capturing two cameras for the left and the right, and a second context to display the two textures alternately on a videoplane. When running this patch on my windows machine it kind of works, but after some time it gets out of sync.
    And I know from the developer of cosm (http://www.allosphere.ucsb.edu/cosm/) that there is a better way of doing it:
    1. set stereo to 1 for both jit.gl.render and jit.window
    sending this messages to jit.gl.render 2. draw_buffer back_left 3. erase 4. set the left camera (in this patch applying the left texture to the videoplane) 5. drawswap 6. draw_buffer back_right 7. erase 8. set the right camera (in this patch applying the right texture to the videoplane) 9. bang
    but I get errormessages:
    first one for setting stereo 1:
    jit.gl.render: "viewer" is something other than a jit.matrix, jit.window, jit.pwindow or jit.gl.texture. (Which is already a reported and confirmed issue)
    and then for each subsequent bang:
    ob3d_draw_preamble camera: GL Error: Invalid operation ob3d_draw_preamble initial: GL Error: Invalid operation
    I am a bit at a loss here now. there is no documentation and no examples to my knowledge. maybe someone has an idea how to apporach the problem?