3D architectural visualization -BestarCreations

    May 31 2012 | 6:14 am
    I am very pleased to invited you to visit our website www.bestarcreations.com .where you can find the animations and still images we produced for Dubai Palace, and other interesting projects worldwide we recently worked with. Winning schemes for University of Illinois Assembly Hall Renovation USA- Designed by AECOM Winning scheme for National Council of Iraq- Designed by IConcept Winning scheme for Tana Hotel, Africa-Designed by OCMA Winning scheme for Pier 4, USA- Designed by ADD Dubai Palace , Designed by GHE , Abu Dhabi As a leading 3D architectural visualization company, Bestar Creations offers high quality architectural scale model, renderings and animation at a more competitive price and faster turnaround than its competitors. Our experienced professionals specialize in various ranges of architectural representations, and our service scale include Scale model, Renderings , Animation Multimedia and VR. Our high quality, fast turn-around, competitive price, and good overall service bring us many international clients and projects worldwide. Let us provide you with our expertise, and help your project stand out among your competitors ! With our 3D expertise, your project will Be a star & Be the Best Star Please visit http://www.bestarcreations.com for more details and images or email us ( BestarCreations@gmail.com , info@BestarCreations.com)

    • May 31 2012 | 8:07 am
      make me a star! me me me!
    • Jun 01 2012 | 1:51 pm
      Are your animations done in Max? No?