3D head tracking with Linux Track

    Sep 12 2014 | 9:38 am
    Hello all, I am on the brink of starting a new project and need some guidance as I imagine it will stretch my skills somewhat!
    I have just purchased a TrackIR (this video shows it in action) it's basically an infrared camera that tracks three points to deliver 3D head tracking for flight simulators. It's PC only, but there is a great free app called Linux Track (available from here) that makes it work on my mac. Linux Track works great, I can see it tracking the three points perfectly, but now I want the data to come into Max so I can play with it! I can't see a way to do that with the app as it stands and think I might have to create an external.
    I've never built an external before, most of my coding experience has been within Max, I'm definitely a visual coder but I don't mind getting my hands dirty for this. I have no idea about how I should start this project and I'm keen to focus my attentions as much as possible on the specifics that will help me achieve this project.
    If anyone who knows more than me could have a quick look at Linux Track and let me know where they think I should start, well that would be hugely appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!