3D model from photograph in Max 6— build in Blender?

    Nov 09 2011 | 2:38 pm
    What I'd like to do:
    — Photograph an object front, right, back, left — Build 3D model of object from photos — Apply front, right, back, left photos as textures to appropriate faces — Use Jitter for realtime manipulation of model
    If the model is built with Blender 2.5, what export method will allow Max 6 jit.gl.model to display the model with textures?
    Alternatively, if all the modelling could be done in Max 6 I'd appreciate pointers to the objects/workflow one would use.

    • Nov 09 2011 | 4:27 pm
      the jit.gl.model object can load blender files. however, i don't think at this time that animations or materials are supported. if you want animations and materials loaded you will probably want to export to something like collada.
      searching the web should turn up much information on how to export from blender to collada.
      please keep us updated on your progress.