3d tagcloud

    Apr 27 2011 | 3:06 pm
    hi! i am working now to create an tagcloud in realtime based, on data from coll. i was reading a lot of multitext, and other open gl tricks, but after a lot of attempts i give up. can you help me with my patch? i thing, that everything is ok, but it still isnt working, like i would like to.
    first of all i generate the coll with 10 words, with their weight (from 0 - 10) - a validity of word in tagcloud, then i generate a coll with random position of eatch word. i decided to place them in a circle around the camera, so in a coll i store only the degree, and y value. then i calculate the rotate, position, color and size based on data from 2 colls. and i think that here is the problem. i am sending those values to gl.text3d between the bangs, but the words doesnt get its propper values. I will be grateful for any help, cause my head is starting to boil. sorry for my english, i havent been using for a while..

    • Apr 27 2011 | 6:22 pm
      Sorry I've had a look at your patch but I'm not sure I understand what your trouble is.
      I'm not sure which values you are referring to, it more or less looks like it works to me. The only other thing I can suggest is to replace your line object with something that doesn't "glitch" when it resets (and your cart2pol val should be 2*pi not 6.5).
    • Apr 27 2011 | 7:52 pm
      :) thanks for reply, my problem is, that for example text1 should be the smallest, darkest, and with the max distance from the camera, and text9 should be the closest, biggest, and the most bright, but those attributes are lost somewhere... text1 > smallest > far from camera > darker text9 > biggest > close to the camera > brighter also, sometimes i can see, that 2 texts are displaying in the same place, that is not defined in coll. i think, that problem might be in sending attributes size pos rot, to buffer, between the main bangs for gl.text3d, and i cant figure out whats wrong
    • Apr 27 2011 | 10:19 pm
      Problem is your data is out of sync. The color is being changed before you set the text.
      Try this, I had to disable the scale because in the small window I couldn't tell what was "small" and what was "far".
      I'm also not 100% sure this is correct because of the strange math you are doing with the color??? But maybe this will put you on the path?
    • Apr 29 2011 | 6:42 pm
      thanks for help, i found, that the problem was in trigger. now i modified patch, to rewrite data from one coll, to another, and then, with trigger send them i propper order. and now i am almost happy with the result :)
      i have written also another topic, where you where replying, and it is also about this patch. i would like, to render the whole 360* stripe of this patch. and like in normal 360 panoramic movie, the right side should be continued in left. i am missing the words, and i hope you get me. like in this picture: http://blog.londonconnection.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/1000px-Trafalgar_Square_360_Panorama_Cropped_Sky_London_-_Jun_2009.jpg i need this for some kind of panoramic projection, on a cubic screen. i am hoping, that you know some way to do this, because the deadline will be tomorrow, and all my work became ussless :p thanks again! adam
    • Apr 29 2011 | 7:30 pm
      oooooooooooooooooohhhh...... This won't be so easy...
      Um.. I think the best way to do it is to render the same scene to 2 separate render contexts, with cameras that are positioned back to back facing opposite directions, then use jit.asyncread to stitch the widows together... Otherwise I have no idea how to make this work the way you want it too.
      Maybe someone else knows better.
      My solution might drasically reduce your framerate.
    • Apr 29 2011 | 8:53 pm
      Yeah, gave it a shot, couldn't get the optics to work with 2 cameras, had to do 3.
      Problem remains the framerate. I'm also sure you are going to have some problems with the letters going out of sync. Maybe not. Anyway...