4th MSP Power User Symposium

    Jan 19 2010 | 7:12 pm
    Dear all
    As part of our electronic music festival, we host our 4th MSP Power User Symposium: a kind of nerd gathering where we talk about the toys (so we can focus on music during the concerts ;-)
    Anyway, here is the list of presenters:
    • Oli Larkin will talk about some of his latest work, including new effects designs and externals.
    • Scott Hewitt will talk about the reasons he has started using ChucK and outline the befits to a Chuck based approach.
    • Alex Harker will discuss recent approaches to making complex and dynamic patches in MaxMSP - strategies include the development of reusable and reliable externals for MaxMSP.
    • Dave Bessell will talk about convincing physical models for real time performance in Max/msp, with some illustrations from his piece Ophidian, for flute physical model.
    • P.A. Tremblay will talk about his use of ftm-based concatenative synthesis (Diemo Schwartz's CataRT) in the design of his new laptop+bass instrument Sandbox#3.
    The even is free, it is in our awesome new top-class Creative Arts Building at the University of Huddersfield, at 1pm on Saturday 30th January. As part of the www.GEMdays.co.uk
    See you there.
    ===== GEMdays10 programme:
    27.01 videomusic night - Geoff Cox (with Philip Thomas - piano) opening act: Sam Stock
    28.01 mixed music night - Bennett Hogg + John Ferguson duet opening act: Scott Hewitt
    29.01 circuit bending night - double bill: Phil Archer & Rodrigo Constanzo
    30.01 acousmatic night - Roger Doyle's 60th birthday opening act: Mark Bokowiec
    31.01 laptop night - Jamie Fawcus & Paulina Sundin opening act: Monty Adkins + PATremblay duet
    For a full listing of events, workshops and pre-concert talks please go to www.gemdays.co.uk