5.1 Changelog?

    Nov 25 2009 | 8:18 am
    Is there a changelog for 5.1? If so, were can one find it?

    • Nov 25 2009 | 11:49 am
      Help menu > Latest support information (it requires to be connected to internet though)
    • Nov 25 2009 | 11:59 am
      Thanks, I tried but:
      "This is not a valid page. Use the navigation to the left or try a Search below. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the Website Content Manager (website@cycling74.com) and provide the page URL you are trying to reach."
      It could be that I tried form 5.0.8 bit I would like to see a log before updating.
      Could you maybe provide me with the correct link.
    • Nov 25 2009 | 2:11 pm
      Works for me as of now.
    • Nov 25 2009 | 2:28 pm
      Good for you, are you on 5.0.8?
      It's still not working here, I see it's not easy (maybe impossible) to give the link but I would like to know if it's the case that you have to download 5.1 to read the log?
    • Nov 25 2009 | 4:12 pm
      After hiding the 5.0.8 folder, you could install 5.1 without repercussion, and try if your patches work.
    • Nov 25 2009 | 8:50 pm
      Yeah - has anything changed in 5.1 that affects things besides Max4Live? I can't find an explanation anywhere. Lets just give cycling a little bit of time to sort things out. They came out with new software and a new website all at the same time :)
    • Nov 27 2009 | 1:01 pm
      "Help menu > Latest support information (it requires to be connected to internet though)"
      Maybe someone can just copy (or make a screenshot) from the info you get there and post it on the forum for me?
    • Nov 27 2009 | 2:47 pm
    • Nov 27 2009 | 3:33 pm
      ei-green prototype now finds the potargreen image textedit no longer crashes when typing triggers deselect such as textedit second outlet -> sel 13 -> t select -> another textedit function no longer crash when you clear the points while dumping out the values counter accepts @carryflag attribute as argument textedit can now store empty textedit fixed crash issuing post from js after previously posting from js and then clearing the max window script disconnect no longer crashes when patch cord doesn't exist ObjectHelpLauncher displays all the categories function: udpate pattr values after receiving a clear message scrollbar: properly displays user specified background color. comment: append and prepend message properly update the object in high priority jsui_textbutton.js looks nice on SnowLeopard textbutton can now display integer/floating points values as well as symbols saw~ no longer crashes when only the sync outlet is connected pattrstorage: 'setall' now excludes locked slots. pattrstorage: 'getslotlist' now outputs an empty list if there are no slots. itable: bordercolor is properly displayed when bgcolor's alpha is set to 0 fix for crash in jit.catch~ and jit.release~ when sampling rate cannot be determined fix for title bar and cleaning patcher dirty bit when performing "save as" on abstractions fix for deadlock with function object mouse cursor no longer shows sizing cursor when over a defined "Fixed Initial Window Position" border or over the bottom edge of a max device UI area in Live signal probe works properly now on second outlet of plugin~ object or other objects whose dsp method call dsp_add multiple times devices that are automatically "collected and saved" by Live but not explicitly frozen by the user no longer open with the resolve conflicts button enabled and possibly "on" ctrl+x in empty max window no longer crashes cmd+e while mouse is down on object no longer allows inspector to become enabled after mouse button is released pressing cmd+e while sizing or moving a box now does the right thing fixed crash double clicking on source in dependencies window buffer~: fixed problems with an invalid buffer state following the first invocation of the 'import' message. pfft~ no longer crash on double click when the patcher is not found building collective or freezing device with fpic that has image specified with absolute path now works properly live.path: accepts an empty path (i.e. 'path' with no argument) to go to the root path Max For Live documentation is now always enabled in the Help menu fixed crash when using search in Max Help fixed crash/hang during save when device in editor was causing live object to change its value from scheduler (i.e. metro -> live.button) Max devices now forward All Note Off events so clicking stop in the Live transport will turn off downstream midi devices fixed slow midi keyboard response when Max Device had keyboard focus fixed crash on Mac OS 10.4.11 when saving devices mxj: disabled -Xdebug option when mxj is inside Live to fix crashes pressing end key no longer crashes auto-completion live.guilib: value is restored properly if you erease every characters using backspace live.grid responds to an init message live.step responds to an init message removing pathcher with pfft~ inside from a poly~, by using the patchername attr, no longer restarts the global dsp chain fixed importing of patchers that used two-byte comments choosing No Action from the resolve conflicts window Action menu no longer resolves conflicts fix for IPC between Live and max editor breaking after many transactions have passed no longer posts "can't load preferred audio driver" error when launching max from live no longer overwrites MSP audio driver preferences when quitting max after launching from live when only the Live audio driver is installed fixed crashes after changing samplerate in Live's prefs and then loading a max device edit button animation leaves button at correct phase when editor was already launched prior to pressing edit
    • Nov 27 2009 | 3:46 pm
      Thank you!
    • Nov 28 2009 | 3:49 am
      Awesome. Thanks!