5 SDK - How to debug OSX


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    Nov 15 2008 | 6:25 pm
    Hi Guys,
    First of all I am new to the max/msp sdk and have been waiting for ver 5 to start having a look.
    I have built some of the examples and have them running in Max/Msp ok.
    My question is concerning debugging, the html help shows the following which I must say I have difficulty understanding.
    Max Development for the Mac OS
    Development Environment
    Copy frameworks (MaxAPI.framework etc.) from /Applications/MaxMSP.app/Contents/Frameworks to /Library/Frameworks folder structure: Max5Dev c74support myObject myObject.c myObject.xcodeproj myOtherObject myOtherObject.c myOtherObject.xcodeproj sysbuild Development MaxMSP Runtime.app Cycling ’74 max-externals myObject.mxo myOtherObject.mxo
    Make a patch with your object and messages to test it (object can be bogus) Set MaxMSP Runtime to be executable for your object (this is saved locally) Build and Debug Set breakpoint in your object
    Copy the frameworks (which are not in this folder) to where?
    Also what exactly is this folder hierarchy signifying?
    Any help would be really apreciated.

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      Nov 15 2008 | 6:27 pm
      Aha well posting that message has answered my first question!
      Copy to /Library/frameworks this is not displayed in the html window but has cut and copied, weird!
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      Nov 17 2008 | 9:47 am
      yes, you make Runtime the executable program in X-Code for debugging. So then when you debug, runtime gets launched, you open your patch and can go through the code bit by bit.