A bunch of M4L devices

    Jun 28 2013 | 9:29 pm
    Hi guys
    Sorry if this comes like a shameless plug, it kinda is, I guess. I have a bunch of M4L devices lying around for quite some time now. They were built for Live 8 and currently I have no intention of updating them for Live 9. But since they were sitting there collecting dust, I thought they better get put to some use:
    bfx-DesignerDelay 32 tap delay with bandpass filters, transposition, pan and so on
    bfx-TimbreStamp FFT vocoder stuff, not working well in Live 9, though
    bfx-PitchShifter based on the gizmo~ / transposer MSP example
    bfx-Tconvolution convolution effect using the tconvolution~ external (Live 8 only)
    bfx-PhaseDistortion you might know this from some DAW already ...
    bfx-SpectralSpread subtle stereo spread
    bfx-RingMod bested the Live 8 freqshifter, Live 9 freqshifter now features the same functionality
    Check them out on my website: www.intraversal.de
    Hope someone enjoys these