A few comments

    Oct 26 2011 | 5:16 pm
    Not sure if this is the right place - Max 6 Public Beta - OSX Snow Leopard
    Max 6 zoom and sizing is still a problem, no pinch zoom, no global default zoom settings for patchers, no zoom at all in documentation - as was the case with Max 5 but the new tabbed helpfiles make the problem a little worse. If I zoom in I have to resize the window then the other tabs should be zoomed in as well. This genuinely is a problem for a platform that is selling itself on accessibility.
    Creating a lot of atrributes can result in attributes being hidden behind other attributes.
    Loud noises from filterdesign when changing the order and sometimes the frequency in bandpass response with a high order e.g. 10
    scale~ helpfile suggested vignette brings you to scale(max) ref file. 4th scale demo in advanced tab of the scale helpfile - not working.
    I would like the basic tab in the inspector to have more information specifically min max values, slider orientation and a single method for naming the object. I am sure there is a reason I have to name gui objects 3 times (scripting,long,short) but it does not apply to me so I would like to be able to name it once in the basic tab and be done with it. Really I would like to choose what goes in the basic inspector tab.
    Lastly I hope Cycling gives a few more newer samples so when sharing patches online we have something a little more interesting. I've been listening to anton and jongly long enough now :)
    Oh and I see Live.Gain now has 16 channels does this mean we can expect multichannel support in live 9 ????