a few minor issues in my soundfile-player patch

    Feb 22 2012 | 5:14 am
    i've built this little sfplay-based soundfile player the past few days. some of the waveform display stuff is copied from this forum, the rest is of my own (very simple) design.
    a few little things i'd love to have some feedback on, if anyone has the time:
    -the waveform display will often only load partially. audio plays back fine, but creating the waveform often seems to fail about a quarter into the file. why would this happen? my soundfiles are generally in between 5 and 10 minutes long.
    -clicking on the waveform jumps to that position in the audiofile, as it should. but then if i leave the cursor where it was and click there again, it won't respond. it will respond when i move the mouse a little to somewhere else in the waveform and click there. so i can jump back and forth anywhere but not loop back to where i'd clicked previously, it seems.
    -last thing, and probably a more general question: how can i get rid of the hours displayed in the message boxes for the timers (in other words, the first zeros). none of my soundfiles are longer than 15 minutes, so it's relevant. i'm assuming i could unpack the message, and then repack it leaving the first section by the wayside, but i'm just wondering it there's a simpler way to strip the first digit (and a space i guess) from a message that i don't know about. might very well be a max basic i just never had a use for.
    my patch below, hopefully laid out pretty orderly. everything that i didn't want in the gui is on the left and right of the middle section, with notes (mostly to remind myself). the connections are only displayed when unlocked.
    many thanks in advance for any feedback!