a question

    Apr 11 2011 | 9:18 pm
    Hello, I'm new here and i'm a real beginner. Someone recommend me to ask my question here and i hope i won't bother anyone by asking help! I'm actually ending a postmaster in performative arts and i would like to use a system of mapping that could modify itself by entering new data. More information about the project: The idea would be to collect a picture of a word done by the participants. On top they will have write their origins, their age, and what the word they had built would smell. As soon they gave me the picture with the informations written on it, i would like to scan the picture and add the informations to a map. The map would link the country of origin of the participants, their age (for other appraisals) , the event's location with the polaroid of the word and on the same spot the terminology used to describe the smell. If i understood well they are software that would do this analysis on its own, so the more frequent words will appear bigger, the connections are recalculated each time new informations are given. That is what i would love to have as we could see a affective/sensorial taxonomy emerging out of their recollections. I heard about AutoMap but i can't find a Mac version, and tried a bit gephi but i don't really understand...
    Any advice, directions, solutions will kind of save me! Thanks in advance, David