A tool for diffing Max patches for collaboration / version control

    Nov 16 2012 | 10:41 pm
    Hi! My name is Ned, and I just launched a product called DiffPlug. It is a tool for comparing two different versions of a file, and merging them back into one. It also makes working with SVN, Git, etc. a lot easier.
    It currently works with text files, image files, and Simulink files. Simulink is a block-diagram language somewhat similar to Max. I think it would be very doable to take my Simulink differ and make it into a Max differ.
    I am posting here for two reasons: 1) Is anybody interested in using such a tool? 2) Is anybody interested in working with me on such a tool?
    I used Max a lot for a school project a few years ago, but I'm not a power user. It would also be really helpful to have access to somebody's SVN history of their patches to test the differ with. I live in San Francisco, so if you're in the area I'd be happy to meet/work in person.
    I'll pay close attention to this thread, but you can also contact me at ned.twigg@diffplug.com

    • Nov 16 2012 | 10:56 pm
      Hey Depending on how it does work, such a tool could be very useful for max patches, but for now i get a white page-style error trying to read the 'getting started' video, from both the index page and the documentation page. It shows a white page with those words :
      "Not found
      GET /GettingStarted_0.5.0"
    • Nov 16 2012 | 11:01 pm
      Sorry, it's a (recently) known issue with Firefox 18 on Mac and with Flash Block. The videos will be migrating to YouTube soon, which will hopefully fix the issues some people have been having.