A way to prevent quit or trigger an event to run before quitting?

    Jun 19 2011 | 12:21 am
    I'm using jit.vcr in a patch, and I have found that if the user quits the app while jit.vcr is still recording, not only does Max freeze-up and crash, but more importantly, the video is corrupted and unwatchable. Is there a way to either disable quitting until the recording has been stopped, or a way to trigger the command to stop recording when the user quits?

    • Jun 19 2011 | 12:55 am
      depending on how your patch is made, you may be able to just use [closebang] to stop the recording. you could also use the [shell] external to call the "osascript" command which can launch an apple script from terminal.
    • Jun 19 2011 | 12:41 pm
      you can disable or hide the normal close button and make your own to perform actions before closing
    • Jun 19 2011 | 9:10 pm
      closebang did the trick, thank you so much for the help guys!