Ableton Live 8 is Here

    Apr 02 2009 | 8:00 pm
    Hello everybody,
    If you, like me, like Ableton. Well look no further as Live 8 is here, fantastic. This is obviously just a random post i have put up as i wait for my version of Ableton Suite 8 to download. Which i am very happy about.
    For one of the reasons i am very happy, is Max for Live. This is possibly one of the biggest reasons to get into computer music. The thought of having Max patches imbedded in Live, feels like a dream come true. Plus as well the upgrade with of itself. Which for me, is very welcoming.
    But, yes. If you are a Live user, but don't know about Live 8, or are even curious about Live. Make you way to
    This is not a sales pitch, as i do not work for Ableton, nor Cycling '74. But i am just showing love for two of some of the best software creators. Keep it up, and looking forward to the future.
    20 minutes left of download, fantastic...

    • Apr 02 2009 | 8:06 pm
      Ok boys let's get the M4L beta going!
    • Apr 02 2009 | 8:10 pm
      Too right. Although was talking too a net friend and did say that Max for Live beta testing will be starting soon.
      It should be damn fun though before that, getting into Live 8. Especially like the Share Live Set feature. That for me, is a great thing, as i have many projects going, but everyone is in different places. But yes, Max for Live. I am not that concerned about Pluggo as much, although would still love it.
      It's like an early Christmas. Plus was just thinking, it was nearly a year since Max 5 was launched.
      A toast in order...