Ableton should really integrate this

    Aug 10 2011 | 2:59 am
    I must point out that I regret so much that I know very little of the deeper functions of Max, so I don't know if I am asking in the right place. So I was really wondering if any of you know of - or have tried to build a function to save cpu for mostly synth users by doing the following:
    Save the audio outputs of the active track/tracks to the memory while listening, later it can also be saved to the harddisk when using less resources. This would drastically improve workflow for true synth + effect freaks which use less data stored in the memory, as well as for audio editing with lots of real time processing. It would basically start saving a track in real time, as long as there are enough resources available to do so whilst playing. That brings me to the best part: Doing nothing and yet getting work done. If you go for a coffee or to take a .. you might as well have some part of ableton not taking a .. unless ofcourse you take your ableton with you on the toilet. But my point is, why not have some small function detect when the user is not sending input for a little while.. or the system is performing with much cpu and memory to spare. This function could start or resume bouncing a piece until it receives a signal from the input/interface or resource management again.
    Also this would be nicer than bouncing a track, since the midi and audio are still on the same track (and the bits that have already been bounced could be shown in a thin shade of something and could easily be edited again. I guess this is sort of a sugar coated donut, but I really hope something like this is possible..
    Edit: Sorry I didn't really do much research we just posted this here right away, I see some topics that sort of relate, but does anyone know of an advanced version of this ?

    • Aug 10 2011 | 8:45 am
      this is sort of basic msp usage. patching with [poly~] and [thispoly~] is very powerful in this respect, as is the use of buffers etc. maybe go through some of the msp tutorials?
      while not exactly the way you are describing it, working out how the data systems in max work you'll find there are many solutions.
      it should be said that live already has many excellent resource management features under the hood that deal with this too.