absrtactions with pattrstorage, 2d.wave~ and jit.gl.sketch

    May 31 2006 | 9:29 am
    I've uploaded some patches to my website for people to download. The link is http://www.pelado.co.uk
    MAX - p.storage a utility and gui for pattrstorage. just drop it into a patch, connect a pattrstorage and use to save, recall, insert, lock and delete presets. it also provides an interface to edit and save data,interpolation, active, and priority settings.
    MSP - p.decimator an example of how to chop up loops into 'n' slices and reorganise their playback with a step sequencer. the patch is based around 2d.wave~ and includes a 'mutator' that stutters through the slices of your choice. Everything runs at audio rate and is synced via a phasor~ object (- so no reverting to metros etc).
    JITTER - p.jit.gl.sketch a simple wrapper for the jit.gl.sketch object that facilitates using text files and coll for sending, viewing and saving opengl commands to the jit.gl.sketch object.
    JITTER - glmatrix commands as a beginner in all things jitter i've been exploring some of the commands for jit.gl.sketch. these patches might interest other beginners and look at the loadmatrix and multmatrix glcommands and some of the transformations that result from using a 4x4 matrix in jitter. there is also a patch that enables rotations via audio signals.
    these are all abstractions that you can edit to your own requirements.
    the link to download all the files together is http://www.pelado.co.uk/wp-content/p.may2006.zip
    hope you find them useful.
    please excuse the cross posting.