ad_status driver help. Windows 7

    Jul 20 2013 | 1:12 am
    First of all I should say I know absolutely nothing about Max. I have, however searched the forums for my issue, but can't find anything. Basically I hired someone for a project, they delivered it with an error and now they don't have time to fix it.
    Here's the issue. We are running the Max file on a dedicated PC for an art piece. When the computer boots up and opens the max file (in Runtime) the sound doesn't automatically start playing. In other words there is an ad_status driver set with a drop-down menu of different audio outputs. The default is "ad_direct sound," but I have to select "ad_portaudio WINDOWS directsound" or "ad_portaudio WASAPI directsound" in order for the sound to be send to my speakers.
    I need the sound to automatically start playing without having to select the correct output. Any ideas on how to fix this? I can provide a screen shot if that helps.
    I will need step-by-step instructions, please.
    BTW. I have the free 30-day demo of Max, but not the regular version.
    Thanks in advance.