Adapting matrix's dim value into another matrix's?

    Mar 21 2012 | 6:23 am
    The question sounds ambiguous, I am trying to make a pixel image on a matrix from using blob's x,y coordinates (cv.jit.centroid) of 640x480 camera input. at the same time, the dim value is being set for blob's mass size. so the dim value is constantly changing, therefore, the center of pixel image is not same as blob's x,y coordinates on 640x480 input. I want this matrix's x,y coordinates to stick on output matrix's. for example, although the matrix's dim value (10) is lower than output matrix's (640), I want this matrix visually matches to the output matrix's dim (640). So the blob's x,y coordinate looks visually accurate on the output matrix (640) even with a low pixel image from low dim (10).
    Please comment your opinion. thanks

    • Mar 22 2012 | 6:54 pm
      It's difficult to tell exactly what you are trying to accomplish based on your question. I think an example patch would help a great deal.