Feb 01 2006 | 8:48 pm
    This is intended mainly for the MAX/MSP list, but it has been sent to others
    I hope this isn't considered against list rules, but I have no other way to
    advertise this to the right audience.
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    Recently through a deal I've ended up with an "ADB I/O" box from Beehive
    Technologies. Blurb: "An inexpensive, high quality data acquisition and
    control product for the Macintosh". Slogan: "Data Acquisition made easy" and
    "Make your multimedia presentations stand out!".
    I believe it's similar to an ICubeX, EZIO, or Arduino, converts analog
    voltage flux. to digital information to be processed by a computer (w/ MAX).
    You can read about it here:
    I have read that it is compatible with OSX via a serial to USB adapter. I'm
    not sure if the MAX externals associated with it are 4.5 compatible... I'm
    not even sure if there are compatibility issues with externals in general.
    I simply don't need it.
    If you want it, make an offer. I have the original box and all
    I'll also throw in a pair of Grado Sr-60's which need to be re-soldered to
    the 1/8" jack at the end of the cable.
    Morgan Sutherland