Add msp to jit.broadcast?

    Sep 30 2010 | 8:52 pm
    Hello maxers,
    I am looking for a way to stream audio (generated live by MSP) via jit.broadcast using the rtsp-protocol. Attached is a (failed) attempt to achieve this by connecting + msp to jit.vcr to jit.broadcast. Also tried to use to open an aiff-file and stream that directly into the jit.broadcast but this failed too. I can receive the video in both attempts but not the audio.
    Would this be possible? When searching i came across a lot of posts involving extracting the audio from but never importing it. What i need is something like the opposite of spigot~ where it adds the audio of msp to the I thought the jit.vcr would help me out on this but i guess it only works when saving the file as a quicktime movie.
    If anyone has wrestled with this before i'd be delighted to know how you've tackled it because i'm out of clues.
    Thanks, FRid
    (winXP and vlc for testing/receiving)
    (although not working it illustrates well what i'm trying to achieve)

    • Oct 17 2010 | 12:57 pm
      Anybody? I believe i saw somewhere rtsp as a protocol does have audio-support so i guess in theory it should work right? I'd like to have a way to broadcast audio/video anyone with vlc/quicktime can receive it independent of max/msp. I did find the ogg-external but i'd rather do without and use native-objects only.
      So short and simple; Use jit.broadcast for audio/video streaming, how to add audio to the video?
      A big thank you for the relieving answer, FRid