Add to parent presentation? - is it possible?

    Aug 20 2009 | 8:15 am
    Hi guys,
    I am making a 8-sample 32-step-based seq with seperate volume-control for each sample. My patching mode gets very messy with 8 different sets of parameters for the samples and patch-chords, multisliders and rsliders are all over the place. So, obviously, I wanted to encapsulate the sequencer-part of my patch to a subpatch, but I still want to include som of the sequencer parameters in my parent-patch presentation mode. This will also be the case when I'm expanding the patch with processes and treatments of the samples (effects etc.).
    Is there any way to "Add to PARENT Presentation"?
    I hope you can help me out.
    Best Regards, Anders Bach, Denmark

    • Aug 20 2009 | 11:01 am
      Anders Bach wrote on Thu, 20 August 2009 02:15 Is there any way to "Add to PARENT Presentation"?
      But you can scale down your GUI objects to a very small size in patching mode and have them in a corner while they have a much bigger size in presentation mode...
      Cheers, _y
    • Aug 20 2009 | 1:17 pm
      I've wished for this function as well. Was hoping presentation mode would not be restricted to the current patch level, but that's the way it is.
      The typical way of exposing GUI elements from a subpatch to a parent patch is to instatiate the subpatch as a bpatcher.
      Another option is to use send and receive objects to communicate between a GUI in the parent patch and the subpatches. This approach can seem daunting given 8 subpatches with multiple parameters in each, but clever use of arguments (particularly #1, etc.) in your subpatch can make it relatively easy to make these connections.