additive synthesizers in maxMsp

    Sep 29 2007 | 10:54 am
    Im a max novice and im trying to make my favourite additive synthesizer. The concept is its not going to be a "performance synthesizer" with aftertouch and cc controllers, its rather going to be a synth for offline rendering "wavetables" for use in external samplers, mainly kontakt and nnxt since this have automapping and pitchdetection, though im using wavelab pitchdetection (when autosplitting) My idea is extensive use of envelopes for everything from morphing between basic waveforms to more "THX" sounds, also with extensive use of panning and anything i manage to implement(with envelopes) :) If anyone have some links to other maxMsp synthesizers that have similar features, or links to theory,resourcres regarding additive synthesis that is useful for a novice, i will be very happy!