Adobe Flash, possible?

    May 21 2007 | 4:16 am
    hi everyone...
    i was introduced to this site by one of my local Lemur retailers. interesting site. i am an extremely newbie to maxmsp and the multi touch screen technology. but i have a sudden obsession with this new thing that i have found.
    as a web developer, Flash seems to be the easiest way for me to do projects that require interactivity. my idea is to use flash to do the interactivity and animations. however, i am not sure could Flash take in more than an input and if Flash could even work this way.
    is it possible for me to use Lemur screen with Maxmsp based on Adobe's Flash player?(sorry if this is not the right way to say things. hehe)
    i do not really understand how this technology works yet and i am still researching on it. my only rough idea is Maxmsp work like a bridge for Lemur and the compter. am i right?
    thanks people! :)

    • May 21 2007 | 4:28 am
      anyway, just a little more about what i am trying to do and maybe people over here can guide me a little to the right direction?
      i am trying to build a multi-touch application/games based on some of the RIA(rich internet applications). i want the users to be able to feel the high interactivity with the application like using two fingers and even more than a person interacting with it. this application, together with the multi touch screen, could then be put in the public.
      however, my knowledge over such interactivity are only limited to Adobe's Flash and Flex. basically, my knowledge to create these are only through using the tools which web developers and the print industry would use.