Advice for buying my next Sound Interface

    May 19 2021 | 9:18 am
    Hi there, I'm looking for an audio interface. I come from RME Fireface UC (but after LONG time use, usb part broke and repairing it cost half the price of it) I checked MOTU Ultra Lite mk5, MOTU Ultra Lite AVB.. this kind of models. Mainly used in portable context I need to move it often (performance, then go back to studio etc) Internal Audio routing required (cuemix, totalmix how they call that), not a lot of inputs but some. outputs... I wouldn't need more than 4 actually.
    The AVB provides USB2 and the other one USB C.
    Main use will be on a windows 10 computer.
    Would you have any experiences with MOTU Ultra Lite AVB ? Would you advice something else ? I'm very curious of latency with USB-C mk5. They are talking about 2.4ms (96kHz, 32 samples buffer) but I'm always dubitative. This one is about 745€, I'm curious if I could have a smaller model (less outputs, especially) for a nice price drop.
    As usual, any of your insights would be great. Thanks.