advice needed on shape recognition- cv.jit.learn- cv.jit.undergrad ?

    Dec 01 2006 | 7:59 am
    hi ma()xists,
    i am working on a new theater project involving shape recognition. Actors will do certain gestures that need to be recognized by Jitter. The gestures are fairly different from each other. when a gesture is recognized a movie is triggered. right now i have pictures of the gestures that will be compared to an incoming videostream of the same actor who has been photographed redoing these same gestures ( lighting, shooting angle are the same in the pictures and the video ) i started working with the cv.jit objects. i'd like to to know what would be in your opinion the most efficient way to deal with shape recognition. i was planning to work with [cv.jit.learn] or [cv.jit.undergrad]. any advice on training these objects would be welcome. has anybody done such things successfully ?
    thanks in advance.