Advice on SMF headers?

    Jul 15 2006 | 9:56 pm
    Hello all...Occasionally in my mad routines of random MAX juggling I end up with some promising winsome music. I've recorded these to a detonate object. Perusing the forum here, I've found other people have the same difficulties with detonate as I have, the non-standard format in which it writes files. In a perfect world I'd like to be able to write the detonation to a multi-track Type 1 midi file that Nightingale (my favorite notation editor) can then open. Nightingale imports only type 1 files. I can do workarounds with a program like Digital Performer as an intermediary but this involves extra time, extra pains, and (of course) extra beer.
    Hasn't anyone worked up a way to convert detonate's saved files into the SMF (standard midi file) format? Or can someone point me in the direction of a converter utility (for MACINTOSH) to change type 0 single-track to type 1 multi-track files? Google searches have yielded nothing for me.
    I've tried using the filein object to read SMF files saved from other programs like Nightingale or Digital Performer. I connect a gated counter to filein's middle inlet and output to a capture object. I can find nothing in the readout that looks anything like an unchanging header from file to file. Could someone please impart some information as to what an SMF header looks like... thanking y'all in advance...
    David Wright

    • Jul 18 2006 | 5:58 pm
      95 readers and no ideas? Anyone? Please?
    • Jul 18 2006 | 7:01 pm
      had an answer to your question right away, but appearently, my messag didnt make it through. (?) anyway, i wrote:
      > Von: "hans w. koch" > Datum: 16. Juli 2006 23:27:21 MESZ > Betreff: Re: [maxmsp] Advice on SMF headers?
      i had some luck with opening the detonate-files in quicktime and then exporting them as midi-files. (requires qicktime pro though...) that procedure made them readable for finale.
      hth hans
      hans w. koch im krahnenhof 11 d-50668 koeln +49-221-554902
      Am 18.07.2006 um 19:58 schrieb David Wright:
      > > 95 readers and no ideas? Anyone? Please?
    • Jul 18 2006 | 9:46 pm
      Aha! Hadn't thought at all of trying QuickTime Pro. Just you wait til I get home... so I can try it... if you don't hear from me again you can assume it worked OK. Many thanks!
    • Jul 19 2006 | 2:55 pm
      Mmmmmnnnnnmmm... haven't used Finale, maybe it can import single-track Type 0 Midi files, the kind the seq object writes. Nightingale can't, so I'm still SOL. I've written asking if they might change that odd feature.
      Nor could I get Quicktime Pro to play the file I'd written (as a MIDI file) from Detonate in my Maxpatcher. It would always be at least 5 times too long, mostly silence, with 1 or 2 wrong notes near the end. Any further suggestions?
      Thanking you for yer help, David Wright