[aka.speech] and word separation

    Dec 17 2012 | 11:37 pm
    Most great actors havea relaly great ways of inserting pauses in between words. I want to mimic this effect with [aka.speech] but seem to come up short. I am all too aware of my sort of less than excellent way of triggering when the pause starts; originally thinking to mess about with using [counter] to grab a random number of phonemes before telling [aka.speech] to pause at the end of a word for "n" msecs. This is not working.
    The only info available to me is the "phoneme opcode" (which I'd love for someone to help me understand what that means as I'm really just using guesses) and the bang at the end.
    Anyway I THINK my approach is the only way, but it just doesn't work right. The {continue} message wonks out constantly and often the end gets cut off. Ideas?