Alat Penetas Telur

    Jun 16 2011 | 7:28 am
    We are the distributor of Alat Penetas Telur would like to suggest you about our product:
    Product Detail:
    Spesifications and the Excellences Alat Penetas Telur Type C50:
    Maximal Capacity: 60 eggs (the egg in standing position) Size: 40 x 30 x 32 cm Code Product: C50 Weight : 9 kg Energy Saved: Electrical power is about 10 watts of 220V Materials multipteks and MDF (medium density fiberboard) Heating: incandescent lamps and emergency heating The success rate is high: By following the correct procedure, the success of hatching eggs with egg incubator can be above 90%. With the traditional way is usually below 50% guaranteed!. Using a rotating shelf system, playing all your eggs with a single operating handle from outside the machine (without turning the eggs one by one). There is a heating emergency. Emergency heating using plate heating, just use oil lamps or candles. Can be used for various types and sizes of eggs, poultry, eggs from ducks, chickens, quail, pigeon, turtledove, swallow and others. (for the size of bird eggs, the rack can be special ordered.) Automatic temperature control: using a thermostat, Thermostat using fiber framework, adjustment carried out from the vents and the temperature fluctuations of about 1.5 o C so it is safe to use, more accurate and practical. There's Manual book: (usage guide Alat Penetas Telur) Price: Rp.320.000,- (not include shipping)
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